Most striking features of Factory Management System

Factory Management System (FMS) is a computerised management and manufacturing system that automates distribution of work, from detailers to production managers through to the factory floor.

How to keep your data secure

Security is a very big concern for all the organizations who are handling a big data.A DataBase Management System Stores all the data files permanently and Restrict unauthorized access.These databases require lots of security features like backup and recovery.Backup and recovery are methods that allow you to protect your data from loss:

Safe and Secure

The Database management System Simplifies data storage as it is possible to assign security permissions allowing restricted access to data.DBMS use the framework for the better enforcement of data security and privacy.

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Multiple User Interface.

Data Scalability,expandability and flexibility.

Processing Queries and Object Management.

Controlling redundancy and inconsistency.

Efficient memory management and indexing.

Access control and ease in accessing data.


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